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Date: In 2006
From: Italian kids
Where can buy a worm?

You can simply buy from aqua store or fishing worm.

Date: 10 Apr 2018
From: Editor
How creature they working together with their environment supports to each other for achieving their own goals?
Collaboration is the essence of life.

Explain the how it work in with wind, bees and flowers.

It a very great question. I hope to explain in simple way.

Collaboration is important in nature. It can exlarge power. Even they are not big.

Bees is a very good example. They are insects. They need honey to feed queen, egg and even itself. To make all the thing possible. It figure out to have wings , so it can fly to searching more honey.

Air can allow them move from place to place. The moving of air become wind. Wind also affect where the queen make net and how the bee to search flowers. It is a hidden tiny logistic from nature. Besides. Flowers spreading pattern also important to bees. It can directly reflect bees survival possible. If flower blossom in somewhere, bees easy to surive and even extent. They will call more bees to go there to get more.

If flower is seasonal, bees will increase hazing out more baby in specify season to take the advantage.

If flower is seperate and few, they will deploy more bees for searching honey. Even if there no flower.

E.g. flooding or drought. Queen will decide to drop old net and find a new place. Or even make queen baby to get a new chance.

Date: 11 May 2018
From: Editor
How crab use their 8 legs?
Firstly crab is same family with spider. So it must be 8 eight creature with 2 claws.

Its mechanism need to be 8 legs. Every pair of legs have it unique function. That is the best from nature throught of millions years.

Front pair of legs is to backup for claws. If their claw(s) missing. It will using front pair of legs to catch or hold food. Its legs will active like claws. Longer and sharper. Like a sting or two sting to catch or fix food position.

Second and Third pair of leg is walking leg. Like walking as a horse. Left or right quickly. Crab always move like a tank in battlefield. While crab is fighting on the rocky, sandy and even in sea. And to keep its fighting and catching ability. Claws is cannon. Front pair of legs is short gun carried by soilder.

Forth pair leg . Either Swimming leg or locking leg. Swimming leg provide ability for crab to sink or float and turning in different direction.

Locking legs make it easy to lock on rock or sand. Hidden to get prey or against wave.

8 Legs mechanism can help it to drop it legs when dangers and keeping high flexibility. Even it drop of 2 legs. It will have 6 legs as 70% speed to escape. 8 Legs system, drop only 25% of legs. Keep to recover soon after next moulding. It also good for nature competition. The more legs crab its have will be stronger and have more mates. Strengthen the whole family.

8 Legs allow crab can swimming in water. Good direction control with 8 legs swing accuacry. Go along with water flow and accross river tunnel lightly and silently.

More over 8 legs can allow it to jump at least a metre in second to go away from predator or danger.

8 Legs also make it lock the ground tightly and balance body weight to centre. For them to rise there heavy claws to fighting for mates and protect its or catching fish. It make is main body a bit higher. Keep distance from ground. Allow it to escape to run away quickly at any time. It also make it more clean. Make its more healthy.

Date: 19 May 2018
From: Editor
How nature rebalance itself
4 Nature events commonly happen daily.


When hot enough. Water will become rain. The falling rain bring water to watering the dry soil. Cooling down the area. Like seasonal rain at Africa.

Hill fire

When dry season its easy to have hill fire. In short term, it can be as a disaster. But in long term, its like a nature competition for plants to compete and regrow. Rebalance the forest density and keep species diversify in the world.

Earth quake

Nature need to heat up and cooling down. While it only the surface of earth is dry and solid. The lower of its is full of lava and heat. Sometime, heat would come up and cooling down properly and continuously.Motion is tiny. Maybe few inches for a year. Many piece of flat frame. Spread in Asia, America, Eupore and Africa. The interaction of frame lead to earth quake. Heat can exit through lava flow on land or undersea. Bring new surface. Heat can also appear as fountain from land. Besides, the cooled frame will back into mantle.

Volcano eruption

When certain place is hot enough underground. It would lead to volcano eruption. Heat can bring out from underground. And volcano dust and muddy cloud can cooling down the area itself. For extremely case. Usually millions years one time. Super eruption can lead to Winter for hundred years.

Date: 11 Jul 2018
From: Editor
Why bee hive is open and honet hive is close?
Bee have to searching flowers for honey. They need a big teams and fast transportation path to increase harvest. An open hive design is fit for them.

Honet as a hunter. While A bigger and stronger body. They have fewer in number and They usually catch prey individually like spider and ant. And sometime attack bee hive in team by when They found it. In a whole, fewer transportation need and their hive should be higher, better for monitor. Sun and rain easier to affect their hive. So they make it with a cover and keep an entrance. A hidden hive design also allow it easier to get close to bee hive and other preys.

Date: 2 Aug 2018
From: Editor
Global warming is increasing
In 2018, Now Many Countries in extreme Hot weather. France, Seoul, China and Japan...

We must take action now. Hill fire more easier to happen.

Let do any Diy for cool system and Green Life (3R) to help our environment

Date: 4 Sept 2018
From: Editor
Nature changing the habit of hermit crab in the beach
Many years ago, in 1990's hermit crab and crab very easy to be found in beach. And I pick some to pet and study. They active and like to catch fish.

But last year, I catch one and find they very rare. When I study it. It not catch fish anymore. It seem to not know "fish as food". It only eat death fish and death crab body in beach.

Fewer fish because of poor water quality. Weaker hermit crab make fish and crab decrease. While it is shore cleaner and their food.

The whole cycle damaging. Ireversible in short term, I choose not to catch them from wild. Just buying from aqua store.

May the crab and hermit crab from store still know "fish as food". Hope nature can reverse it to normal.

As Human, we should do something we do to help them.

Date: 14 Sept 2018
From: Editor
Typhoon and Global warming
The higher level of typhoon, like Mangkhut. Have establish in Asia. Others appear in Hawaii and East Shore of America.

Show sea level rise and warmer sea water increase their scale. Damaging power. From wind, rain and storm tide. Flooding and Mud slides is alerted in the area that under the storm range.

To avoid all of this. We must be green life. 3R and another kind of our own knowledge. Stay alert and spread alert to others.

We can reduce loss by parking cars to upper place. Lift up furnitures and equipment in store or home.

Sticking windows with strong sticker in double cross sign. Locking windows and doors before evacation. Make wood or metal block for doors.

Date: 19 Sept 2018
From: Editor
Contribute to the society after storm
Clearing wood by voluntee teams or Wood cutting robot made by school teams are very great to the society and benefit to the society

Date: 9 Nov 2018
From: Editor
What is a tank for beginner to start petting?

Date: 3 Dec 2018
New app extend yours phone abilities
Recently just find 2 apps, one is for zoom out like telescope, as max 45x zoom. One is for zoom in, 35x,

it bring more possibility to get great photo for our website. Try it yourself, download and the app you like.

You can use yours current phone to do much more.

Date: 12 Dec 2018
Using App to add new data,
it simple and green App inventor 2 is a very great and easy tool to use.
It can use on offline session. So it easier to keep longer and more self-control
and freedom when compare with php.
Save many cost and time.
Date: 12 Dec 2018
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Diy , no costs and environment friendly. Just spread it out :)