Wind power


Wind turbines use aerodynamic principles to generate current. It's like the wing of an airplane.
The wind is not "Push " The wind wheel blades, but blowing over the blades to form the front and back of the blade pressure difference, this pressure difference will produce lift, so that the wind wheel rotation and constantly cross-cutting wind flow.

Large wind turbines

Wind wheel diameter up to approximately 90 m or above rated power up to MW

Small wind turbines

The international specification for the design of small wind turbines applies to wind turbines with a blade sweep area of less than 200 square meters or less than 17 meters in diameter, with a rated power of approximately 100 watts to tens of thousands of watts Between

Offshore wind power Plant

Offshore wind farms are mostly used in offshore wind energy resource-rich areas, such as Europe, with a rated power of up to 2-5 megawatts