Other Green energy

Hydro power

1) Hydraulic Energy
2) Dam-type hydropower station and runoff hydropower station
3) Hydraulic turbine
4) Ultra Miniature Turbine

Geothermal energy

Principle: Geothermal energy is the natural thermal energy of the Earth

The direct application of geothermal energy includes the following aspects:

Medical & amp; Entertainment applications: spa bath and Spring Spa
Agricultural applications: greenhouse heating, fishing grounds, animal husbandry, crop drying
Home or industrial applications: hot water or heating

Biomass cogeneration (CHP)

Cogeneration refers to the use of a single energy source to generate heat and electricity at the same time in an integrated system. When a single energy source is biomass, this process is called biomass cogeneration.
For example, the boiler produces steam for turbine power generation, while the residual heat is used to generate hot water or low pressure steam.

Biomass energy technology refers to the use of plant or animal waste power generation technology.
Because the energy contained in plant matter comes from the solar energy absorbed in photosynthesis, biomass energy is regarded as a renewable energy.

Biomass can come from many sources, including:

Forestry waste: Thinning waste, wood chips, pruning waste, etc.
Industrial waste: wood chips and sawdust, furniture industrial waste
Agricultural waste: Corn straw, rice shell, sugarcane slag and animal waste
Energy crops: Willow and soft grass


1) Bio-Ethanol
2) Biodiesel

Marine Renewable Energy

1) Tidal energy
2) Wave energy
3) Other marine energy technologies