Waste solution

Landfill Biogas

The peak is reached between 5-10 years after landfill of biogas waste, and then the amount of gas produced slowly decreases, and the process of decline reaches 25 years or more.

1)Used for power generation-internal combustion engines, gas turbines, fuel cells, etc.
2)Medium calorific value fuel-directly in the boiler or industrial furnace combustion, gas freezer, industrial heating, leakage sewage treatment and so on.
3)High calorific value fuel-pipeline gas, compressed gas vehicles, etc.

Anaerobic decomposition

Anaerobic digestion ﹝ also known as anaerobic decomposition ﹞ refers to the process by which organic matter is decomposed into biogas by microorganisms in the case of hypoxia.
With specialized facilities, the process can achieve the highest gas production in just a few days, and residues can also be used as agricultural fertilizer.

Anaerobic digestion technology can be used to treat municipal solid waste, sludge, agriculture, industrial or commercial organic waste, etc.
Biogas is commonly used for power generation for in-plant needs, as well as for boiler or engine-driven blowers.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment energy recovery refers to the recovery of the energy contained from organic solid waste in the case of controlled heating.
The main purpose of heat treatment is to reduce the volume of waste by about 90 per cent, while the recovered energy is only a by-product.