Nature discuss 10 Sept 2018
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Nature Discuss 14 Sept 2018
Typhoon and Global warming
The higher level of typhoon, like Mangkhut. Have establish in Asia. Others appear in Hawaii and East Shore of America.

Show sea level rise and warmer sea water increase their scale. Damaging power. From wind, rain and storm tide. Flooding and Mud slides is alerted in the area that under the storm range.

To avoid all of this. We must be green life. 3R and another kind of our own knowledge. Stay alert and spread alert to others.

We can reduce loss by parking cars to upper place. Lift up furnitures and equipment in store or home.

Sticking windows with strong sticker in double cross sign. Locking windows and doors before evacation. Make wood or metal block for doors.

Nature Discuss 15 Sept 2018
Try Tv remote app before replace yours remote control
Nowadays, remote control technology become common. Many famous Brand TV remote control can be replaced by app. Simply try to get 1 free app (With basic function) instead of buying a new one. Save resource and money.
Nature Discuss 19 Sept 2018
Contribute to the society after storm
Clearing wood by voluntee teams or Wood cutting robot made by school teams are very great to the society and benefit to the society