Nature discuss 2 Aug 2018
Global warming is increasing
In 2018, Now Many Countries in extreme Hot weather. France, Seoul, China and Japan...

We must take action now. Hill fire more easier to happen.

Let do any Diy for cool system and Green Life (3R) to help our environment

Nature Discuss 13 Aug 2018
Let us learn together
Eco corner nature quiz

Learn and revise your nature knowledge. Every 2000 visits extent

Nature Discuss 23 Aug 2018
350 creature video added, come and see on Youtube
Nature Discuss 24 Aug 2018
Nature changing the habit of hermit crab in the beach
Many years ago, in 1990's hermit crab and crab very easy to be found in beach. And I pick some to pet and study. They active and like to catch fish.

But last year, I catch one and find they very rare. When I study it. It not catch fish anymore. It seem to not know "fish as food". It only eat death fish and death crab body in beach.

Fewer fish because of poor water quality. Weaker hermit crab make fish and crab decrease. While it is shore cleaner and their food.

The whole cycle damaging. Ireversible in short term, I choose not to catch them from wild. Just buying from aqua store.

May the crab and hermit crab from store still know "fish as food". Hope nature can reverse it to normal.

As Human, we should do something we do to help them.