Nature discuss 3 Jul 2018
Reduce to use plastic straw
The video of healing a sea turtle from picking out plastic straw nose had alerted people worldwide to reduce the use of plastic straw and other one time plastic products.

There are 3 simple way to reduce plastic straw.

1. Drink directly. If you feel unclean. You can clean it with tissue before drink or fill to a cup to drink it.

2. Using paper straw to replace it. There are little product there. Search online and will be a trend.

3. Using metal straw. Prepare yourself or Go to the shop that have it.

Nature Discuss 3 Jul 2018
Thailand youth football team trap in cave
Many people helping them. They are 13 persons and found survive. Need to learn diving to escape cave.

Take 4 months to learn

Just figure out one product. See whether useful or not.

Triton Oxygen Mask, Allow users breathing undersea for 45 minutes.

Hope it useful for them.

Hope they can come out soon!

nature discuss 9 Jul 2018
Eco corner bring you a forum
It email base for safety. Eco corner try to make it properly , truely human ask question. Systematic and simple.

Ask question would be member. There are 4 members. Keep it up! Simply press on forum from menu :)

Nature discuss 10 Jul 2018
Upgrade air conditioner
use old battery, cover is metal sticker then place on air condition slow moving leave. It can cool 1 degree c more

Nature discuss 19 Jul 2018
Thailand Cave Event bring out a great lesson
Technology is important to our life. But life and love can not be replaced.

Nature Discuss 20 Jul 2018
Why bee hive is open and honet hive is close
Bee have to searching flowers for honey. They need a big teams and fast transportation path to increase harvest. An open hive design is fit for them.

Honet as a hunter. While A bigger and stronger body. They have fewer in number and They usually catch prey individually like spider and ant. And sometime attack bee hive in team by when They found it. In a whole, fewer transportation need and their hive should be higher, better for monitor. Sun and rain easier to affect their hive. So they make it with a cover and keep an entrance. A hidden hive design also allow it easier to get close to bee hive and other preys.

Nature Discuss 28 Jul 2018
Why eco corner kidforum and book
It is from

Nature Discuss Jul 30 2018
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