Nature discuss 4 May 2018
How to make a robot to clean sea surface and undersea?
For the sea surface, You can make the jellyfish robot

Jellyfish robot is coming from idea of seabin. System that develop by Australia environment protection team. It using a bin and turbine to suck bins near sea surface.

Jellyfish robot is just it mini version. We decide from an aqua diving bump. 100 To 500 litre per hour water flow.

Using it with a ship power supply (220v AC). Pull off the diving pump filter set.

And it only a underwater turbine. Then prepare 2 pipe. One for water flow in and out. 2 Hole near turbine axis to make water out. It should be side by side. And stick it with pump. The other side out pipe would allow water and bin sucking in. Then prepare a smaller and short bin collector to collect bins. It can be with a handle to take out bins easily from time to time.

While its link with boat. It can only use in sea surface. So need to add float sponge to set it near the sea surface to filter seawater rapidly.

For more, we can make a undersea version.

Unlike jellyfish robot. It would have indepndent power and control system

It a different type. It make from a DIY or 3D print case. It have 2 pumps for direction. Left and right. On off right. On On forward. Off On left. It optional to have tbe third pump to float or sink.

It would decide to buy a water proof turbine and water proof RC system to reduce the difficult of making it.

It would have a jellyrobot diving pump system as a sucking rubbish on the sea bed.

Its sucker should face forward. To make it easier to suck.

It can also set a lock for the sucker to aviod bin flow out while return.

It is remote control system. As 40 mhz to 75 mhz remote underwater. It would use 2 bar remote while control 4 to 5 servos.

It can be much more..

Think Yourselves.

It can buy from new or 2 hand device. Its cost high if new. Make sure every is in good quality by experts before testing.

Nature discuss blog 8 May 2018
How to make air conditioner cooler in low cost?
It simply to stick metal sticker. You can buy it from stationery store or online or from old battery metal sticky cover. Then place it on air conditioner air out flow moving leaf (lower position part). 5 3x3 cm grid can reduce 1 degree c.

I tried for many years. DC fan leaf, Ac Fan leaf and now Ac conditoner.

For Ac air conditioner. I open for 12 continuous hours before and still feel hot. Then I added from original 1 to 5 sticker. Now I open air conditioner 4 hours at night and 2 hours at afternoon and feel cool.

It can reduce hot air generate outside and reduce co2 and save money. Hope more people to follow :)

Nature discuss 11 May 2018
How crab use their 8 legs?
Firstly crab is same family with spider. So it must be 8 eight creature with 2 claws.

Its mechanism need to be 8 legs. Every pair of legs have it unique function. That is the best from nature throught of millions years.

Front pair of legs is to backup for claws. If their claw(s) missing. It will using front pair of legs to catch or hold food. Its legs will active like claws. Longer and sharper. Like a sting or two sting to catch or fix food position.

Second and Third pair of leg is walking leg. Like walking as a horse. Left or right quickly. Crab always move like a tank in battlefield. While crab is fighting on the rocky, sandy and even in sea. And to keep its fighting and catching ability. Claws is cannon. Front pair of legs is short gun carried by soilder.

Forth pair leg . Either Swimming leg or locking leg. Swimming leg provide ability for crab to sink or float and turning in different direction.

Locking legs make it easy to lock on rock or sand. Hidden to get prey or against wave.

8 Legs mechanism can help it to drop it legs when dangers and keeping high flexibility. Even it drop of 2 legs. It will have 6 legs as 70% speed to escape. 8 Legs system, drop only 25% of legs. Keep to recover soon after next moulding. It also good for nature competition. The more legs crab its have will be stronger and have more mates. Strengthen the whole family.

8 Legs allow crab can swimming in water. Good direction control with 8 legs swing accuacry. Go along with water flow and accross river tunnel lightly and silently.

More over 8 legs can allow it to jump at least a metre in second to go away from predator or danger.

8 Legs also make it lock the ground tightly and balance body weight to centre. For them to rise there heavy claws to fighting for mates and protect its or catching fish. It make is main body a bit higher. Keep distance from ground. Allow it to escape to run away quickly at any time. It also make it more clean. Make its more healthy.

Nature discuss 14 May 2018
Learning how to use eco corner kidforum
Eco corner kidforum is started from March 2015. While I make it. Paid out 0.1 bitcoin for promotion. Each person got 10000 satoshi for asking question. Now worth many.. I was just want to encourage all of you.

After giving satoshi. People change to read rather than ask nature question. I open and close here many times. Just lost the direction. Rethinking..

Now I confirm to restart from last years. Audience already here.

Redesign green pages as nature discuss blog

You can ask question with email: click here

eco corner kidforum and book facebook to see photos

Thank You all to come and enjoy nature from time to time!

Nature discuss 14 May 2018
Expo video in 2006
It is an expo video. There have micro organism both fresh and salt water.

Pipe worm, crab , snail and even 6 inch wide wild hermit crab! It rare to see!

Nature discuss blog 16 May 2018
Wisely choose fans, it can help you feel cooling down when indoor
The best fan for cooling indoor. Is a fan that have high spinning speed and with louver. Trying to buying it from time to time. Usually 2 to 3 years one time.

Head moving fan can cool many area. But it not effective. When you sit down on a place. When 26 degree C. With a head moving fan, you would easy to get hot. But in contrast. A louver fan would make you feel cold as using low level air con.

Try it yourself and with friends. Save some money! Enjoy a cooler Summer!

Nature discuss 19 May 2018
How nature rebalance itself
4 Nature events commonly happen daily.


When hot enough. Water will become rain. The falling rain bring water to watering the dry soil. Cooling down the area. Like seasonal rain at Africa.

Hill fire

When dry season its easy to have hill fire. In short term, it can be as a disaster. But in long term, its like a nature competition for plants to compete and regrow. Rebalance the forest density and keep species diversify in the world.

Earth quake

Nature need to heat up and cooling down. While it only the surface of earth is dry and solid. The lower of its is full of lava and heat. Sometime, heat would come up and cooling down properly and continuously.Motion is tiny. Maybe few inches for a year. Many piece of flat frame. Spread in Asia, America, Eupore and Africa. The interaction of frame lead to earth quake. Heat can exit through lava flow on land or undersea. Bring new surface. Heat can also appear as fountain from land. Besides, the cooled frame will back into mantle.

Volcano eruption

When certain place is hot enough underground. It would lead to volcano eruption. Heat can bring out from underground. And volcano dust and muddy cloud can cooling down the area itself. For extremely case. Usually millions years one time. Super eruption can lead to Winter for hundred years.

Nature discuss 24 May 2018
Upload a video of school project


It about the a undersea cleaner making, still working on :)

The project link

Nature discuss 24 May 2018
Why robot can not as good as farmer
Because plant have seasonal effect, it would be precise, following many rules, only farmer know. When to plant durian, corn or rice. It can be vary even plant in the right season.

Even spreading seed manually is also hard task. Not easy to be automatic. Because how deep is the seed plant, how many seeds in one positon and how to flow out the seed is always a lesson to learn and experience. E.g. Hand shake or Seed placing direction. It totally relate to the harvast is success or not.

Rain scales and soil humidity define the result of vegetable planting successfully or not. No easy task in it. Every day different. How many sunlight, heat and soil humidity. Affecting how much water for watering the plant in a certain day.

Grass is a super strong enemy for vegetable plant. It absorb many of the soil nutrition. Even it leaf being flatten , it root still working alive and keep sharing soil nutrition. Clearing grass totally by hand is important. Usually twist them out. Make sure no root remain there to maxmium the harvast health and scales.

Harvast it picking for the best manner, at the time and manage at the time. It must screw to pick out an apple one by one with hand with better care. When it near 100% mature. Look Good. No bug. Then farmers sales it to the market immediately. Robot may shorten all process. But the quality of the process must be lower while robot only doing it roughly in general.

Nature discuss 25 May 2018
School project - Jellyfish robot 2017
Last year Eco corner kidforum designed a robot with Rainbow Baptist Primary School

It aims to clean out sea level bin

Idea like seabin from Australia but it is portable

With a diving aqua bump and two pipe

on 4 May 2018 nature discuss have more detail

Nature discuss 25 May 2018
How to make a simple diy air conditioner?
Prepare an empty box then make a hole on top. Allow fan blowing. Fan face to hole and blow the wind inside the box.

Then prepare hole on the box side. It is set as a output of the conditioner, 1 inch for each is suitable.

Final open the box and add a bowl of ice with salt. In a proportion of 3 ice and 1 salt. It would decrease the ice temperature from zero degree c to at most -20 degree c. With salt it can much much cooler and make it more effective.

Lock the box and open fan. Soon you will enjoy this environment friendly fan.

Nature discuss 26 May 2018
While many people start to watch video
Eco corner start to make youtube video

store the best nature photo from time to time

It May photos

Nature discuss 27 May 2018
Wild pig cleaning in Summer
It a big male wild pig. It is relax on water pipe. Cleaning bugs on body, cooling down on water pipe then drink some water :)