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Nature discuss 10 Apr 2018
How creature they working together with their environment  supports to each other for achieving their own goals?
Collaboration is the essence of life.

Explain the how it work in with wind, bees and flowers.

It a very great question. I hope to explain in simple way.

Collaboration is important in nature. It can exlarge power. Even they are not big.

Bees is a very good example. They are insects. They need honey to feed queen, egg and even itself. To make all the thing possible. It figure out to have wings , so it can fly to searching more honey.

Air can allow them move from place to place. The moving of air become wind. Wind also affect where the queen make net and how the bee to search flowers. It is a hidden tiny logistic from nature. Besides. Flowers spreading pattern also important to bees. It can directly reflect bees survival possible. If flower blossom in somewhere, bees easy to surive and even extent. They will call more bees to go there to get more.

If flower is seasonal, bees will increase hazing out more baby in specify season to take the advantage.

If flower is seperate and few, they will deploy more bees for searching honey. Even if there no flower.

E.g. flooding or drought. Queen will decide to drop old net and find a new place. Or even make queen baby to get a new chance.